At Kapiti Hearing, we can often repair your hearing aid in-house while you wait, using a range of specialised equipment, tools, and hearing aid parts.

If you have a hearing aid that you think is not working as it should, we are always happy to have a good look at it and find the best solution for you.

Onsite clean and check services:

  • Replacing tubes and batteries
  • Changing wax filters
  • Cleaning out the microphone ports
  • Drying hearing aids

You can also get a range of drying kits at Kapiti Hearing, from passive silica gel desiccants to active (electronic) drying machines. Dry hearing aids have longer lifespans, and will help you avoid moisture-related repair costs. 
Sometimes hearing aids become obsolete or unserviceable. Perhaps your hearing needs have changed considerably or there's better technology that will give you better sound quality.