At Kapiti Hearing, we are specialists in adult hearing aid fittings. Both of our audiologists have focused their careers in this area and are happy to share this expertise with you. Find out more about what is involved with a hearing aid fitting on the Hearing Aids page.

These days, the newest hearing aids from quality manufacturers can provide you with significant benefit by helping you hear world around you better. However, with some types of hearing loss, or for other reasons such as dexterity, a hearing aid alone will not provide the user with optimum hearing and control. 

In these cases, there is a range of accessories that can be paired with hearing aids to give you more specialised hearing in certain situations.

For example:

  • Specialised telephones, which send the caller's voice directly your hearing aids.
  • Streaming devices that link your hearing aids to your TV and home phone.
  • Streaming devices that link to your cell phone
  • Wireless microphone with automatic switching between omnidirectional and narrow-beam microphone sensitivity depending on the situation
  • Remote microphones, for when you need to hear one voice in a noisy place, or from a distance
  • Remote controls for volume and program switching
  • Taking impressions to make new ear moulds. Your ear can change shape every few years. Also, some types of mould materials will shrink slightly over time, which can cause the aids to whistle.