Screening vs Diagnostic test

A hearing test is an umbrella or generic term that can describe both a hearing screening and a comprehensive hearing evaluation, but there’s a big difference between the two.

  • A screening audiometry test is only looking to see if further diagnostic testing is needed and can be a useful starting point. It is a preliminary pass or fail.   It usually only takes a few minutes.  It can usually be performed by a computer, an online program, a screening device or an administration team member. It will give you a general idea whether you need to have a full evaluation by a MNZAS audiologist.
  • A comprehensive diagnostic auditory evaluation looks at the hearing system as a whole and requires more detail to effectively measure and treat any issues identified.  For accuracy, a diagnostic hearing evaluation should be conducted in a sound-treated room using special earphones and equipment that has been calibrated to national standards. The examination involves a discussion about your medical history, any auditory or balances concerns, symptoms that you may have noticed and how it is affecting your daily lifestyle. Diagnostic tests are then conducted to review the outer, middle and inner parts of the ear. After testing is completed your MNZAS audiologist will discuss your hearing loss and its relationship to any issues identified in your history.  They will also discuss any treatment options and provide counselling specific to your case and results.

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