Kapiti Hearing is able to access any and all Government funding. 

As a "Full Audiologist Member" of the New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS), your audiologist at Kapiti Hearing is able to access any and all government funding that you may be eligible for. Your audiologist will ask you appropriate questions during your consultation to ascertain what types of funding you may be eligible for.

The Ministry of Health - Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme

Residents and citizens of New Zealand are entitled to a government subsidy from the Ministry of Health, of $511.11 (incl GST) per hearing aid ($1022.22/pair). This funding is available to you every 6 years. This funding is not means tested.

The Ministry of Health - Hearing Aid Funding Scheme

If you meet certain criteria, the Ministry of Health may be able to cover the cost of your hearing aids. This will significantly reduce the cost of hearing aids, as you will only need to pay the fitting fee. 

Grants towards Hearing Aids

The New Zealand Audiological Society has some money set aside (which is means-tested) for both those 65 and above, and those below 65.

There are some other means-tested grants that we may be able to help you access to help pay for hearing aids.

Southern Cross Health Insurance

If you have Southern Cross Health insurance you may be able to claim for some of our services, depending on your policy.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

In order to receive ACC funding, your diagnostic hearing test must have been completed by a Full Audiologist Member of the NZAS, and have been completed in a sound-treated environment that meets strict international standards (ISO: 8253-1: 2010). Your hearing loss also must be determined to have been caused by one one of the following:

If you think you might be eligible for funding from ACC, contact us as we can walk you through the process and clarify whether applying for funding is worth your while. The recommendation on whether to apply for ACC is based on:

Veterans Affairs of New Zealand (VANZ)

If you receive a war pension and have Hearing as an approved disability, we are able to access funding for you.

Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ)

You may be eligible for a recoverable loan from WINZ to assist with the cost of hearing aids. We will provide you with a quote to take to WINZ.

Hearing Aid Bank

The NZAS runs a hearing aid bank for those who have no other way to afford hearing aids. If there is a suitable hearing aid in the bank for you, and you are eligible for application, your audiologist at Kapiti Hearing will apply on your behalf.  

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