Clean and Check of Hearing Aids

At Kapiti Hearing, we can often repair your hearing aid in-house while you wait, using a range of specialised equipment, tools, and hearing aid parts.

If you have a hearing aid that you think is not working as it should, we are always happy to have a good look at it and find the best solution for you.

Onsite clean and check services:

You can also get a range of drying kits at Kapiti Hearing, from passive silica gel desiccants to active (electronic) drying machines. Dry hearing aids have longer lifespans, and will help you avoid moisture-related repair costs. Many current hearing aids are more moisture-resistant than earlier models

Sometimes hearing aids become obsolete or unserviceable. Perhaps your hearing needs have changed considerably or there’s better technology that will give you better sound quality. Our audiologists will be happy to advise you with next steps if this is the case.

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We are an independent audiology clinic in Kapiti. Our professional audiologists encourage you to bring whanau, friend or loved one with you to your appointment.