I already have Hearing Aids

If you bought your hearing aids from a quality manufacturer in NZ, we can fine-tune, service, repair, or provide supplies for you. The audiologists at Kapiti Hearing have extensive experience with all makes of hearing aids, so you can be sure to get good advice and good hearing care regardless of where you bought them. 
If your hearing aid is whistling, come and see us – we can usually fix this problem for you. 
If your hearing aid has never quite sounded right, come and see us.  
If your hearing aid isn’t working, bring it in and we can either repair it on the spot, or send it away to be fixed. 
If you don’t wear your hearing aids, but you would like to start wearing them, come and see us. There are many reasons a hearing aid might not be working out for you; give us a chance to use our expertise to help you use what you’ve already bought.

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We are an independent audiology clinic in Kapiti. Our professional audiologists encourage you to bring whanau, friend or loved one with you to your appointment.