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You can depend on Kapiti Hearing to find the best hearing aid and ongoing care for your individual hearing loss needs.

A hearing aid fitting is best regarded as a process. Your brain may take some time to “rewire” itself as you adjust to sounds you may not have heard for many years. We will give you up to eight weeks to trial new aids, with several adjustment appointments during this trial period. We can also service, fine-tune and clean your hearing aids, even if you didn’t get them from us.

Hearing aids come in many styles, shapes, sizes, brands, and technology levels: there are hundreds of hearing aids to choose from. Your audiologist at Kapiti Hearing will work with you to make a recommendation for a hearing aid that suits your hearing loss, listening needs, cosmetic desires, and your budget. We are an independent audiology practice, are not owned by a manufacturer, and do not run preferred supplier schemes; nor do we receive commissions on sales. This gives us the freedom to discuss with you, and offer, a broad range of hearing aid solutions and prices. We will never rush you or push you to get something you are not ready for.

Most modern hearing aids are quite discreet, and there have been dramatic improvements in the technology over the past few years. You may find that your hearing loss was more noticeable than your hearing aid.

Kapiti Hearing provides personalised, independent care for hearing loss in Waikanae and Raumati. If you think your current hearing aid may need to be  cleaned and checked or would prefer a full diagnostic hearing test to assess your hearing needs, speak to our friendly team at Kapiti Hearing today.

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We are an independent audiology clinic in Kapiti. Our professional audiologists encourage you to bring whanau, friend or loved one with you to your appointment.