The "Big Six" - who owns what, and what does it all mean?

Below are the names (in alphabetical order) of the "Big Six" hearing aid manufacturing parent/holding companies, the hearing aid brands they own. Your audiologist at Kapiti Hearing works regularly with hearing aids from each of these manufacturers, and therefore is competent in fitting, fine tuning (adjusting), cleaning, and organising repairs for all of the major manufacturers who trade in NZ.

The Kapiti Hearing clinics also have the most up-to-date software, and hardware, necessary to connect and program your hearing aids. If you have a preference or experience with a certain manufacturer, we are most happy to supply that for you. Otherwise, suggestions for hearing aids will be based upon your type of hearing loss, your lifestyle, listening, communication, and physical needs, and your budget.
ReSound (Denmark) http://www.resound.com/
Manufactures ReSound
Sivantos (Germany) https://www.sivantosinc.com/
Manufactures Siemens/Signia
Sonova (Switzerland) http://www.sonova.com/en
Manufactures Phonak, Unitron, Advanced Bionics, Lyric
Starkey (USA) http://www.starkey.co.nz/
Manufactures Starkey, Audibel, NuEar, microtech
Widex (Germany) http://www.widex.co.nz/
Manufactures Widex
William Demant (Denmark) http://www.oticon.com/
Manufactures Oticon, Sonic, Bernafon
More information on the background of acquisitions leading to today's "Big Six" can be found here http://hearinghealthmatters.org/hearingviews/2011/though-the-big-six-hearing-aid-makers-are-still-intact-consolidation-isnt-over-in-the-hearing-industry/