Kapiti Hearing can assist you with:

  • Fine tuning to match changes in your hearing level
  • Taking impressions to make new ear moulds. Your ear can change shape every few years. Also, some types of mould materials will shrink slightly over time, which can cause the aids to whistle. 
  • Grinding and polishing hearing aids for better fit
  • Discuss drying kit options to help your aids last longer 
  • Replacing broken tone hooks, tubes (both thick and thin), receivers, domes

You can also get a range of drying kits at Kapiti Hearing, from passive silica gel desiccants to active (electronic) drying machines. Dry hearing aids have longer lifespans, and will help you avoid moisture-related repair costs. 
Sometimes hearing aids become obsolete or unserviceable. Perhaps your hearing needs have changed considerably or there's better technology that will give you better sound quality. If this is the case, you can discuss your options with the audiologist.