WAX We offer wax removal suctioning services at our Waikanae clinic by our registered nurse.

Our registered ear nurse will safely remove excess wax from your ears using microsuction. Service is on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.00am to 1.30pm. Cost is $45 per session - unless there is no wax!

Ear wax helps to kill bacteria and fungus in your ears, as well as keeping them from itching. 

In a normal ear, wax is produced in the ear canal and slowly moves towards the entrance of the ear canal in a process called "epithelial migration". This process can slow down as we age, and wax can get stuck in the ear canal. 
If you use hearing aids, the aids themselves can push wax back down the canal and cause it to build up. 
Wax can also build up and become impacted if you use cotton buds… but you don't use cotton buds, right? 
At Kapiti Hearing, we recommend wax removal via microsuction, performed by a Registered Nurse who has training in ear wax removal.